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    I'm Megan, a 28 year old Los Angeles Native. This is my blog, formerly known as 'Across The Pond' and yes, I am the author and creator of the word 'blate.' I know you were wondering. It's my only glory moment and I am holding onto it. I grew up in the city of angels under the influence of a writer/producer father and a stay at home mother. I spent my adolescence and first half of adulthood hustling in the fashion industry and pretending that I wanted to live that life forever; the kind of life where people never grow old or grow up. Although the not growing old part is pretty appealing. When sense caught up to me I switched gears and went full force into academia, acquiring my bachelors in Psychology and my Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, oh and a husband from Northern Ireland. I acquired him too while obtaining my MSc in Nottingham, England. I spent three years living abroad in the UK; one year in England and two years in Scotland. I currently live in Los Angeles with my husband Stephen, and our dog Charlie. What you should know: I squeeze the tooth paste from the top and wear PJ's 80% of the time. I love: good food, collared shirt, loose sweaters, dogs, a good jumpsuit, blazers, a bag of cheetos (hot, puffy, or regular. I try not to discriminate), watches, fresh flowers, quick wit, sarcasm, a good book, good food, self deprecation, a sweet drink, a good film ( a good film literally feeds my soul) bathrobes, Italy, conversations with Stephen, back rubs, head scratches, and sleeping in. This blog began as a letter to home because I am terrible at sending snail mail, and has turned into my take on life, love, style, food and travel. I hope you like it here as much as I do. Want to know more about me with links to past posts? Of course you do. Just click here. email: megan@megankgraham.com
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