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Publisher: Memories By The Mile - A food & travel blog by Wanda Ann Olsen
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    Publisher: Memories By The Mile - A food & travel blog by Wanda Ann Olsen
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    Thanks for stopping by our “About Me” page on Memories By The Mile! I am Wanda Ann, I have been married to David. aka Oly, the love of my life and my best friend for 36 years. I am the proud mother of three terrific kids, two sons, James and Dustin and our daughter, Deena, who is also a blogger gumballsandcottoncandy.com . I am also a grandmother (or Mawna as they call me) of seven beautiful, smart, amazing, talented grandchildren. And Oh, by the way I’m a truck driver! That still sounds strange to me, so let me explain. I was a stay at home mom, for the most part, and LOVED it! I loved being a Mom. I loved the lullaby’s, the reading books, playing games and supporting them in their activities and the list goes on and on. I loved being a homemaker, the cooking, baking, canning, crafts, and scrapbooking. Then becoming a grandmother, don’t even get me started. But driving an EIGHTEEN WHEELER, was not in my vision! Truck driving is in my husbands blood. Something he’s always done, one way or another. I enjoyed going with him from time to time, which was like a vacation for us when the kids were growing up. SO eleven years ago, when our youngest went off to college, so did I, TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL! It was the hardest and scariest thing I have ever done. But I did it! Then I joined David in being an Owner/Operator. We drive from coast to coast each week, yes together, as a team. He is the day driver and I drive at night. We see this beautiful country of ours through a window, but what an adventure! We thoroughly enjoy traveling, rather it be in our semi, motor home, van or on a cruise ship, we do put on the MILES and make memories all along the way. Hence, Memories by the Mile. We are always asked how we do it and why. I am going to answer these question throughout my blog. But for a quick, simple answer we enjoy being together. I stenciled this on the wall of our sleeper. For the long answer, it’s for the things and places we see. For the people we meet and the friends we make. For all the things we learn and the food we eat. And Oh, the fun we have! So these are the things you’ll find here at, Memories by the Mile. I hope you’ll come along on our journey and maybe you’ll find a place you’d like to visit or a recipe to try. Or learn some trivia and facts about the places we’ve been and the highway we travel. We want to get to know you too. I would love to here from you, so leave a comment or you can e-mail me at memoriesbythemile@gmail.com I would love you to share any facts or pictures about the state or country you live in. Wanda Ann
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