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Publisher: Hunting & Fishing information. Midwest Outdoors Magazine & TV Show
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    Publisher: Hunting & Fishing information. Midwest Outdoors Magazine & TV Show
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    MidWest Outdoors Advertising will help you grow your business! Put the power of multi-media to work for you! Successful advertising is a lot like teaching a child to read -- it takes repeated exposure, and different ways of communicating. Nothing delivers a powerful advertising message like multi-media. MidWest Outdoors will deliver your message using multi-media, including TV, magazine, on-line promos and more. Advertise using MidWest Outdoors multi-media and watch big things happen! A variety of media services to deliver your message! At MidWest Outdoors we firmly believe that helping our customers grow their business is the most important thing we can do. Our attitude toward serving our clients is positive from the publisher on down. As a media company we are constantly looking for ways to grow. We know that our growth will give our customers more opportunity for growth. We feel that our customers are partners in a long-term effort to have a mutually rewarding future. When you do business with MidWest Outdoors you can be assured that you will get the best possible value for your money. We will do all we can to serve you. Here are some of the ways we can help you promote your business: Magazine Television Internet Video & TV production Direct mail campaigns Graphics design Magazine & book publishing Merchandising Printing Sports show programs Target your message to outdoorsmen! Targeting your advertising will save you money, increase your advertising effectiveness and allow your business to grow. At MidWest Outdoors we know this, and allow you various ways to target your message. The first is by reaching dedicated outdoorsmen who like to spend money on their favorite pastime. These are the most essential people to our industry. They spend their money on boats, motors, tackle, electronics, resorts and lodges, accessories, clothing and various outdoor services that comprise our industry. MidWest Outdoors also targets the Midwest, which has the highest concentration of outdoorsmen in the nation. They are the most progressive sportsmen in the country with the greatest variety of fishing, the most money to spend and the enthusiasm to buy new or upgraded products. MidWest Outdoors' state-edition editorial focuses on local outdoor sports, creating an ideal climate for retailers and outdoor service-oriented businesses. Because these local businesses get results, you can buy MidWest Outdoors knowing that your message is reaching the right people -- your customers and future customers. MidWest Outdoors is the most effective way to deliver your message to all the right people in the upper Midwest.
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