Mismikado Down The Sidewalk
Publisher: mismikado down the sidewalk
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    Publisher: mismikado down the sidewalk
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    The Short Version: After 3 years of marriage, we're taking the step into parenthood. This is my journey down the sidewalk of simple living while faking middle class. It may get messy but I always try to find creativity and beauty in my everyday life. The Long Version: The place: The verbal/pictorial sidewalk running along the street called my life. Who I know I already am: Wife One of Jehovah's Witnesses Former Homeschooler Homemaker Crafter Designer Reader Researcher Teacher Cook Bad Laundry Doer Texas Girl New Englander Domestic Traveler Homer Laugher Griever Compounder Blogger Who I hope to become: Mother Breastfeeder Homeschool Curriculum Founder Better Homemaker Artisan Business Owner International Traveler Writer A Well-Rounded Content Human Being
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