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Taking Citizen Journalism to the next level, Mizozo delivers up-to-the-minute breaking news from across the globe and information on the latest top stories, business, sports and entertainment headlines. What separates Mizozo from the rest is that we don’t just offer the news, we offer both sides of the story. With the world’s biased media, it is difficult to understand who is right and who is wrong. If you read CNN, you will get one side of the story, while if you read Al Jazeera you will get another. It is difficult to get a complete picture of a situation from an unbiased perspective.

With Mizozo, the People not only report the news, they point out mistakes in other peoples stories. Terrorist or Freedom Fighter? Police Brutality or Self Defense? If we let the media decide for us, we are simply deceiving ourselves. It is important for the people to be well informed so that they can make their own decisions on a story.

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    Mizozo is now accepting advertising partners. With over 1,000,000 unique monthly page views and growing, we can help virtually anyone. At its conception, Mizozo was meant as a means to revolutionize the media industry. Having our news controlled by a select few individuals pushing their agenda doesn't seem like the ideal way for the people to get important information on current events. If we could provide journalists a means to connect directly with the masses, circumventing any editors with their own agendas, we would provide the people with a valuable resource. An editorial process is useful, so long as agendas are removed, but we had a plan for that as well. Sure, there are plenty of citizen journalist sites out there, but we were going to be different, we were going to introduce the Mizozo. The concept of a Mizozo was key. Our hope was to allow journalists to discuss topics among themselves with the sites visitors cheering them on. When a writer made a post about a heated subject other writers could dispute the facts by posting a response, or a Mizozo, to the original story starting a debate. Since there is rarely a single side to a story, it is important to encourage the use of Mizozos among the writers. The hope was that over time both writers and readers would embrace having both sides of a story present, fully revolutionizing the media industry. The reality of the site turned out to be significantly different. Over the first few years it was difficult to encourage any real journalists to write. Worse, nobody visiting the site had any interest in the news stories, instead they would come to see pictures of half naked women or some funny comics. In the end, the site turned into an entertainment venue. The few writers that were willing to write for Mizozo quickly realized that they would get far more clicks by posting a celeb link than something about Aerospace technology, and so the shift was slowly made. Thankfully, the socialist spin on the site never lost its luster. Once the site was in a state where it was making enough revenue to support itself and have a little left over for some petty cash, the announcement was made that all profits would be given back to the writers. So far, this hasn't proved an effective means to encourage many new writers, but over time I'm sure word will get out and slowly but surely writers from around the world will throw in their hats. Today, Mizozo is a bastion for a socialist business model. It may not have the following that I had hoped it would, but thankfully its core following is growing. The site has come a long way since its inception, and still has a long way to go. With our writer base growing week after week, the content is becoming more appealing and far more people are visiting our homepage every day. Over the next few years I hope to see Mizozo lead other businesses in a similar business model, taking a slice out of the media market and slowly return to its roots as a revolutionary Media Model. We will soon begin our next phase of development, moving towards a more robust engine content engine (Wordpress), empowering our writers with far more publishing power. We plan to expand into other businesses in the near future, stimulating our revenue and returning even more to our user base. We call all journalists, bloggers and those who love to write to join Mizozo and help this revolution come to life. We fully plan to revisit our initial ideal of journalistic integrity, but first we must acquire a decent user base.
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