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    Who is in charge? MOCpages was created in 2003 by Sean Kenney, a LEGO® fan, just like you. Sean is the community leader at MOCpages and keeps everything running... and he shares his LEGO creations here too! This web site is not affiliated with The LEGO Group of Companies in any way. How did it all start? Way back in 1997, Sean made a little web site to show everyone his LEGO creations. Visitors from around the world were leaving messages, rating his creations, and sharing their ideas with him. ... And Sean thought it would be great if everyone could have a web site like that! In 2003, hardly anyone was blogging, no one had heard of social networks, and sites like youtube and flickr didn't even exist. That's when MOCpages was born. It started out sort of like cross between blogging and web hosting, but has since grown over the years into an online community and social network. Sean continues to run, support, and enhance MOCpages. It gives him great pride to know that he is helping children and adults around the world share and learn from each other. Who's here? MOCpages welcomes anyone who loves LEGO toys! Our community includes children, teens, adult hobbyists, LEGO company employees, LEGOLAND employees, artists that use LEGO as a medium, engineers that use LEGO as a robotics platform, and more! So.... what's a MOC? Anything you create with LEGO bricks is called a "MOC", which stands for "My Own Creation". It's free? What's the catch? No catch. MOCpages was originally funded by member donations, but as the community grew (and traffic went through the roof!) we started selling ad space. Today, the ads cover the cost of running the site, and Sean donates his time to keep everything going smoothly. Is The LEGO Company involved? No. The LEGO Group knows about us, and we have a really great relationship with them. They're happy to see such a vibrant community of fans, but they don't officially support MOCpages in any way.
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