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Mojatu Limited owns and manages Mojatu Media Limited and Mojatu Foundation. Its also runs controls Mojatu partnerships in Dubai, Kenya, Somaliland and USA.

Mojatu runs and manages the production of Mojatu magazines in Kenya, Nottingham and Reading. It also runs Kutambua e-learning systems.

As a branding, advertising, media and publishing company, Mojatu website offers various products and services including news, videos, photos, classifieds, events and special offers. It also creates develops branding and marketing products and services such as websites, logos, posters, banners, stickers and other marketing and corporate media.

Though we are based in Nottingham, UK, our services are targeted to customers worldwide with the bulk of customers coming from UK, USA and Africa, mainly Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somali. We also offer services to a number of clients in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait and Yemen.

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    Publisher: Mojatu Magazine
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    Mojatu.com connects people, businesses and communities making them more effective and efficient. Mojatu is a social business offering a social networking website, Mojatu.com and internet opportunities to businesses and individuals to help them earn incomes and expand their businesses and services. Mojatu is made up of two parts: • A commercial arm that manages the social networking website, Mojatu.com, which has business and people directory, shop, jobs, tenders, courses, scholarships, and groups among other social networking channels. • A charity arm which helps in the establishment and expansion of ICT centres in Africa in order to reduce the digital divide, create employment, enhance business growth and aid rural development. Our aim at Mojatu is to give the African communities an integrated and easy-to-use tool that enables them to effectively exploit the internet opportunities in fighting poverty through trade, job opportunities, and efficiency in information dissemination.
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    mojatu.com, africancommunitynetwork.com
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