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Molly Goodheads
Publisher: Palm Harbor seafood restaurant | Molly Goodheads | Ozona
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    Publisher: Palm Harbor seafood restaurant | Molly Goodheads | Ozona
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    Welcome to Molly Goodheads established in 1985 The quiet little town of Ozona Florida was a hidden gem of red brick school houses and tiny cracker style homes. That is of course, until the one and only Molly Goodheads opened its doors for the very first time in the mid 80′s! An event that placed our sleepy hollow of a town on the map! Our little town’s best kept secret! The atmoshere! Molly Goodheads resides in a century old house. (Originally a Boarding house) converted into a restaurant. It gives our restaurant eclectic feel and adds to the Florida cracker style! Meshing nicely with the Key West blend! Upon your visit to Molly Goodheads, you will notice a unique mixture of intriguing art and decor scattered about! Often taking note to the laid back tunes of Jimmy Buffet playing in the background through out the property! This isn’t the place for a suit or sports jacket! You certainly wont find valet parking either! What you will find are the smiling faces of friendly locals, a great staff and often.. plates picked clean! Its a true taste of “Old Florida” with all the trimmings! Served at a price that won’t empty your wallet! Molly Goodheads is Wheel chair accessible! Molly Goodheads offers a seasonal feel with both indoor and outdoor seating. Both include AC and Heating! Its Florida and we understand that our weather has its highs and lows! So its your choice to enjoy the sunshine or escape from it completely in our indoor dining room. Out front is a great place to mingle while still in the shade or awaiting your table. Although we do not consider ourselves as a “Sorts Bar” we’ve got fan of the big game in mind. Both the bar and dispersed through out the dining room there are enty of high definition television screens for you to catch the up on game scores. Please feel free to ask your waitress or bartender to catch a specific channel. Private Parties and Reservations Molly Goodheads features an upstairs dining space available for reservation. Perfect for private parties! This space offers comfortable seating of up to 25 guests with a seating arrangement of your choice. House sound available to include the same relaxing tunes heard elsewhere through out our property. Upstairs also offers a 46 Inch High definition television that we can broadcast your favorite game on! Call us today to reserve a date or for any additional inquiries about hosting an event at Molly Goodheads. You can reach our team at any time between 11:00am and 10:00pm at 727 786 6255 From the menu! The owner, Laurel Flowers still holds true to her belief that big portions and great prices is the way to go! This is the draw that brings people coming back for more! Entire families can enjoy a great meal at a great price! Our menu allows plenty of options from the kids menu to full entrees from land or sea and lots in between! Some of our highlights are fresh Apalachicola oysters! Big and tasty! Served on the half shell! Our most popular of treats is of course the famous Mollys’ Grouper sandwiche! Served blackened or grilled! Unlike our competitors, we pay a little more for Black grouper but you can definitely taste the difference! Weekly Specials Each week our head chef comes up with some delicious new treats to keep things fresh and exciting! Make sure to check back here often or keep up to date with us on facebook for updates on whats new!
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