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Mommy Has To Work
Publisher: A blog about the life of a full time working mommy, going green and saving money!
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    Publisher: A blog about the life of a full time working mommy, going green and saving money!
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    My name is Anne. I’m a mother of two children. Hunter is 13 and Savannah is 6. I’ve been married to my husband for 17 years and helped him raise his three sons - Adam, Tristan and Jeffrey. Thankfully, they’re grown and live on their own. Being a stepmom was quite a challenge. But I am loving being a mom. I use to work at a doctor’s office in the front office. But for the last two years I have been able to work from home. I started blogging in May 2009. My husband stopped working due to Multiple Sclerosis and I wanted more ways to save money. We also really got into doing right by the environment and started to do more “green” activities. I stopped using paper plates, paper napkins and more. Check out all my going green posts for more tips. In my spare time I love to take pictures, bake, crochet and play with my kids. I love a good mystery and am currently into Amish books. Don’t ask-? Mommy Has to Work is about my life, saving money and going green. I’ve learned a lot over the past two years and made many friends.
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