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Monetizzando.com: Digital Communication. Here we speak of (web) Marketing, Advertising Communication, Performance Marketing (Affiliate), SEO, SEM and Social Network. Monetizzando.com was founded in 2008 by the idea of ​​Valerio Novelli, always keen on the Web, he begins to explore the potential of the Internet as a source of work and income online. Here is a short step in the theming on marketing and digital communication. Before long comes into contact with the main players in the sector and with the most important Italian web personalities, is invited to participate in events diver- you as a speaker or as a media partner, and today boasts several col- active laborazioni with Italian and European players .

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    Monetizing is an internet site that addresses small business owners, SMEs, online publishers, marketing professionals and webmasters, people working with web and blogger communication. Monetizing is visited daily by so many bloggers, internet site owners, portals, blogs, forums that want to find out how to work and earn with the internet, what are the market trends, what are the novelties, what are the new systems that allow you to earn with Internet. Since 2012 , due to the expansion of Monetizzando.com, we have decided to have an eye on those who want to know what tools and resources are used to improve the performance of a website, eCommerce, a portal. For this reason, after consolidating relationships with affiliate networks, advertising dealers, and advertising networks , we decided to concentrate on the first part of the monetization payoff, or "work" , and then start making new relationships with everyone Those companies that provide useful tools to optimize online work. Who buys a space on monetizing that the banner will be displayed by a focused niche target and highly interested in web news, Monetizing is a tool to gain online visibility and promote products / services. Do you want to advertise on Monetizzzando.com? Monetizing is a portal dedicated to the world of work and independent online earning and industry leader, being among the most appreciated by the Italian public who wants to know the tools, methodologies and themes related to the working and earning industry or line . Monetizzando.com is online since October 2008 and is growing steadily. Analytics data compares, by comparison with 2011, a + 12-15% for unique visitors and a + 10% for pageviews, with an average of around 20k unique visitors each month. [Easy-contact] Site Content and Target: Monetizzando.com deals with topics related to the world of work and earnings online: Affiliate Network, tips on how to increase traffic and visitors, tips on hosting and managing a website, buying advertising in every form, resources For webmasters and bloggers, web marketing, affiliate marketing. What is Monetizing Mission: Monetizing has as a guideline the respect for the user and wants to help those who come by monetizing to earn online, or at least to make known the methods and means that allow you to work seriously with the internet. Which advertising can you buy on Monetizing? 1 - Items: The advertiser who wants to buy an item must send a text with the image that he would like to include and a maximum of three links (for maximum the limit beyond which you can not go, it is preferable and advisable an article with One or two links). In the article you will be specified that it is a "Payment Review" by inserting the tag "Sponsored Article", in any case will be checked the seriousness of the product and / or the service offered. 2 - Landing Page Dedicated It is possible to create dedicated landing pages with different customization options: without sidebar, with only one sidebar display, normal. These pages usually have a higher post-conversion rate, and can be structured into three different types: Simple Landing Page: A landing page that will be displayed through a search engine (between search results, according to organic indexing); Landing Page Top: These landing pages are visible from all parts of the site (excluding the same dedicated landing pages): you can see them on the monetizing home right below the categories. They have a landing landing cost plus a monthly fee for viewing on the home page; Landing Page in Sidebar: The landing page will be placed within a section in the sidebar called "Special Pages": this also has a monthly fee and is displayed on each page of the blog. You can also buy three types of banners: 728 * 90: The famous Leaderbord alongside Monetizzando's logo, in the head of the blog, is visible on all pages; 468 * 60: Inserted at the end of articles; 300 * 250 : Inserted at the top of the Sidebar For further information, please use the contact form, thank you. After filling in the contact form you will receive the Media Kit with the price list and information on the site. ARE NOT ALLOWED ON MONETIZING: I'm sorry to inform you that there are some types of sites and products that can not be promoted on Monetizzando.com, including sites for online casinos, sites that promote online casinos, sites based on MultiLevel Marketing and betting sites Online not authorized by AAMS. Some Customers who have already chosen Monetizzando.com: Among the customers who chose monetizing for their advertising: Dada Spa Simply.com YouBuy.it Payclick.it ClickADV Srl Chevrolet (Sponsored Tournament Article) Bnp Paribas (Sponsored Tournament Article) Recommended Online Post (Sponsored Items) Popular Bank of Milan (Sponsored Article) Dating Factory Easypartner.biz Simply.com AdvPlace Affiliate Partner 24Option Effiliation AddyON Public Idées (now Public Ideas) Tradedoubler Zanox AnyOption Mobidea GoldAffiliation Sincreo
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