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    The word “moogly” was coined by our daughter when she was a toddler. She used it to describe anything wobbly, off kilter, silly, or teeter-tottery. When I decided to start a mommy blog a few years later, the name Moogly was a natural fit! After a while I decided mommy blogging wasn’t right for me, but I kept the blog around because I had a crochet pattern I’d written on there. Fast forward to 2011, when I decided to open a crochet and knit business, and Moogly got stripped down and relaunched to support my commission work! Eventually I realized design was where my heart was, and I stopped taking commissions. And here we are! Moogly as you see it today is the work of one designer/writer/blogger, and Photo-for-Biothat’s Tamara Kelly. Or… me! My husband Geoff helps out with most of the tech stuff, including all camera work and video editing. None of this would be possible without him! Together we raise our daughter and two sons in Iowa, USA. Moogly is an important part of supporting our family financially, and it’s a lot of fun too! I enjoy interacting with all the amazing crafters I’ve met through the site, and with your support, I hope to continue to do so for a long time to come! Want to get your ad, product, or site in front of thousands of yarn lovers and crocheters? Moogly blog has reach! Check out these numbers: Updated May 1, 2014: 424,000+ unique visitors/month (via Google Analytics) 1,289,000+ page views/month (via Google Analytics) 88,000+ Facebook fans 23,000+ Pinterest followers 28,000+ Newsletter subscribers 3400+ Twitter followers
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