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    Welcome to the Mouseworld Now! Mouseworldnow is one of the leading IT business news portals from India. As a maverick IT news platform, we embark upon presenting happenings from the cyber world as fast as permissible. True to the spirit of Netizens, here, news stories come crisp, compact and exact, accompanied by myriads of images that your eyes can feast upon. The mouse tends to believe that images speak better than words; and figurines communicate faster than complex wordy pages. As your eyeballs roll through the pages, the squeak of the mouse will ring your ears and force the tech-enthusiast in you to come out. Stories from far and wide – from exciting tech-gadgets to tidings – right from inside corporate war rooms come alive. The Mouse believes that its click can make a thud – a thud to change your world; and its squeak can raise many an eyebrow. Advertise with us For both Print and Online Ads, Avertisers can contact us directly at editor@mouseworldnow.com or call us at 7827827309. We offer the best and the most solid ROI in the industry. Be a part of our Ad platform for a satisfactory experience. We send around Daily Newsletters to more than 65,000 individuals from the IT Vendors, channel partners, and VARs; people from Media & Advertising World and also to individuals from the Corporate World. The rate for sending Electronic Data Mailer ( EDM ) is Rs. 65,000/-
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