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Publisher: Free Yoga, Yoga, Videos, Classes, Fitness | MyFreeYoga.com - MyFreeYoga.com
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    Publisher: Free Yoga, Yoga, Videos, Classes, Fitness | MyFreeYoga.com - MyFreeYoga.com
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    My name is Ashley Lekov and I created this website back in 2007 when I was still learning about yoga. The idea of starting an online yoga community came to me when I was practicing at local studios. I struggled with poses especially memorizing them. I'd constantly have to look at the instructor and try to position my body like theirs. Embarrassed, I'd go home and practice to online videos and then the idea became real. I started to have fun with the site, designed it from scratch uploaded videos, even recorded my best friend's sister(who is an amazing instructor, some of you regulars have watched her) Christina Landry. MyFreeYoga reached about 40,000 members in 2009 and then crashed. :( I was so upset and knowing very little about servers or databases I had to start from the beginning. I took two years of computer programming and database management to understand how to run a website properly and voila! I cannot believe how many members there are today and I am so very honored to have you here. At MyFreeYoga you can upload your own videos, make new friends, find local studios, create your own series and so much more. I am working on incorporating a community blog and forums for those who have questions or concerns with yoga.
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