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    Mysterious Heartland is a place where legend trippers can gather to learn more about the folklore, ghost stories, and mysterious places and events of the American heartland. What is legend tripping? Author Lisa Hefner Heitz defines it as “Visits by young people to a locally famous site that is known to be haunted or a hangout for monsters and other supernatural creatures.” It has also been described as “a usually furtive nocturnal pilgrimage to a site which is alleged to have been the scene of some tragic, horrific, and possibly supernatural event or haunting.” Mysterious Heartland is a direct decedent of trueillinoishaunts.com. Our website went online in December 2008 and for nearly five years provided information, interviews, news, and more about the legends and lore of Illinois. After all those years, however, we felt it was time to expand our geographic boundaries. At Mysterious Heartland, we are fascinated by the odd and unknown. Our website will focus on unsolved mysteries, true crime, ghost stories, folklore, and books and movies about those topics. It is for everyone in the American heartland who is interested in learning more about the places, history, and events that make our hometowns unique. Advertise Advertising on MysteriousHeartland.com is a great way to get the word out about your website, book, movie, or any other project. We are a fast-growing website that received more than 330,000 page views in June 2014. We have three economical options available that can accommodate any advertising budget. Front Page Banner Get big exposure with a full color banner on our front page, which will appear under the main menu and above our articles. Banner width must be 950 pixels, but height can be anywhere between 100 and 200 pixels. Inquire about pricing to: mysteriousheartland@blackoakmedia.org – Subject: Front Page Banner. Classified Ads Have a link to your website appear in our classified ads section on the primary sidebar, right below our “Like us on Facebook” box. This sidebar accompanies every page and article on our website, so it is great exposure for your link. Only $40 for 30 days. Contact us at mysteriousheartland@blackoakmedia.org – Subject: Classified ad. Side Banner Have your banner appear on the primary sidebar, right below our Classified Ads. This sidebar accompanies every page and article on our website, so it is great exposure for your book, movie, website, or other project. Period: 30-days for all sizes. $100 for 250 x 200 pixels. $150 for 250 x 400 pixels (width x height). Contact us at mysteriousheartland@blackoakmedia.org – Subject: Side Banner.
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