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Naritiv - the first marketing and analytics platform for Snapchat

Naritiv is the first network with Snapchat as its center of gravity. We are building ongoing programming and large audiences on Snapchat for brands as well as our owned and operated channels all involving our creators who see over 3 billion views per month. Our partners have access to our unique technology and reporting capabilities on both Snapchat as well as the other platforms our content spreads to (such as Twitter and Instagram). Naritiv is dedicated to cultivating new talent, growing existing talent, and leading the shift towards content consumption on mobile first platforms.

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    Naritiv - the first marketing and analytics platform for Snapchat
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    Snapchat influencers with reach. Naritiv helps your brand thrive on Snapchat by pairing you with influencers in categories spanning from fashion to extreme sports. Our influencers are pros at telling stories and mobilizing their fans to engage no matter how broad or specific the initiative is. Contact us to learn more about our talent. Oh the places we’ll go. It’s no piece of cake building an engaged following on Snapchat, but luckily, we know the tricks of the trade. Our tools mixed with the strategy we provide make it easy to work with our creators to grow an audience and keep them there. Browser inner Dashboards can be fun. If a Word Doc has been your tracking mechanism for Snapchat in the past, you’re going to love us. Easily approve Stories over email, track week-over-week progress in all relevant areas and plan out a week or month of content. We make your life easy. Because you earned it. Our campaigns have Snaps that spread. By incorporating strategies where fans screenshot images and Tweet/Post to engage, we drive (and report on) millions of views your campaign will see on other complementary social platforms.
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