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Publisher: Never Less Than Success - Career Advice For the Financial Professional
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    Publisher: Never Less Than Success - Career Advice For the Financial Professional
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    About Never Less Than Success and Eric Butts Never Less Than Success - the title of this blog – refers to a motto I’ve had for some time simply because I didn’t have a safety net to catch me if I failed, a situation that no doubt resonates with many of the readers here. Success is the only option we have. You can count on me to share a couple of things in the space: 1) ideas and thoughts on topics that will help young business people handle various situations they will face in their careers and 2) content geared toward small business owners going to the next level. That being said, I reserve the right to post on other topics of interest as I see fit Who is Eric Butts? First, I’m a husband and a dad. As it relates to this site, I’m a consultant and CPA who has a passion for helping others in their career pursuits. Many people (mentors, teachers, colleagues, career coaches, etc.) have helped me convert goals into reality. I know I couldn’t have gotten where I am without them. I won’t say climbing the corporate ladder on your own is impossible, but going it alone is definitely doing things the hard way. Learn from my experiences and save yourself some headache along the way. I’ve worked in industry and in client service roles with consistent success coaching others and advancing my own career. My goal is to equip readers of this blog with the tools to do the same for themselves. In addition to being a licensed CPA, I have a degree from Claremont McKenna College in Accounting and Mathematics and an MBA from Northwestern’s University’s Kellogg School of Management in Finance and Strategy. What’s In Never Less Than Success For You? Two things I know very well are building a career and financial operations, especially on the accounting front. As a reader/member (join here) of this site you’ll receive steady food for thought and career advice to help you further advance or take control of your career. You’ll also see hacks and recommendations that can help you run a business more effectively.
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