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Publisher: New Jersey Leisure Guide: Travel tips for attractions, events, kids activities and restaurants.
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    Publisher: New Jersey Leisure Guide: Travel tips for attractions, events, kids activities and restaurants.
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    Advertise with New-Jersey-Leisure-Guide.Com new-jersey-leisure-guide.com offers unique, affordable pricing options for custom-designed ads aimed at advertiser selected targeted audiences. How New-Jersey-Leisure-Guide.com Is Supported New-Jersey-Leisure-Guide.com is not a commercial website and is not connected or affiliated with any travel agency, tourism office, or any of the travel or leisure related programs that appear on this website. The content that is offered on this website is free to all of our readers and the costs to provide this service are offset by the ads and the commissions from our affiliates. This source of advertising income is necessary to continue offering free content and to continue to add to it. Acceptance of an ad does not affect, influence, or bias the content of the information provided on this website. Any of the services or products you purchase from our advertisers are at the same cost of purchasing them directly from the advertiser. Advertising Opportunities New-Jersey-Leisure-Guide.com is accepting a limited number of advertising opportunities in each of our new Jersey leisure attraction categories listed below: Category Web page Appearance - Targeted Audience Home page one page, Rt Col, limited availability Family/Kids Attractions Minimum 5 pages, Rt Col, Family/Kids content pages Hotels/B & B's Minimum 5 pages, Rt Col, Hotels/B & B content pages Restaurants/Dining Minimum 5 pages, Rt Col, Restaurants/Dining content pages Festivals/Holiday Events Minimum 5 pages, Rt Col, Festivals/Holiday Events content pages Miscellaneous Minimum 5 pages, Rt Col, NJ Leisure attraction content pages Guidelines Only New Jersey leisure attractions, restaurants, hotels/B & B's and other leisure related business ads will be placed on New Jersey Leisure guide content pages. Pop-up ads are not accepted. Unfair or deceptive advertising is prohibited. New Jersey Leisure Guide reserves the right to decline any advertisement. - See more at: http://www.new-jersey-leisure-guide.com/advertise.html#sthash.2J2HXwyl.dpuf
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