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Welcome to News Junkie Post, a global news website that features articles and videos on United States and world news, as well as political analysis, commentary and opinion. News Junkie Post deals with topics that include human rights, geopolitics, philosophy, psychology, entertainment, the environment and more. It does not aggregate other news sources but presents original articles by its editorial staff and contributors. News Junkie Post is an independent news source, free from corporate ownership and political agenda. It disseminate information , through social media, that raises awareness and helps people to make informed decisions.

Who is talking about us?

News Junkie Post stories and writers have been featured on media including Russia Today (RT), BBC World News, NBC, AlHurra TV, NPR, PNR, KPFA94.1, Radio Islam, Alternet, Truthout, CounterPunch, Z Communications, Popular Resistance, The Raw Story, Atlantic Wire, The Huffington Post, The Drudge Report, and Global Research Canada.

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    NEWS JUNKIE POST is one of the fastest growing news sites on the Internet. We currently have banner space available for your company or non-profit. Please send us an inquiry. Our stories are picked up by Google News and all search engines. Readers also find us through Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Technorati. Demographics The majority of our readers are well informed on current events and politics. Most of them hold undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. Most of our traffic comes from major U.S. cities such as New York and San Francisco. About 30 percent of our readership comes from Europe, the Middle-East and Asia. Pricing Ads can run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly. E-mail us for pricing and space information at: admins@newsjunkiepost.com
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