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Publisher: National Firebird& Trans AM Club - a club for all year Firebirds and Trans Ams
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    Publisher: National Firebird& Trans AM Club - a club for all year Firebirds and Trans Ams
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    ADVERTISING RATES WEBSITE ADVERTISING Website Ad (approx. 500 pixels by 75 pixels): $35 for 3 months Message Board sponsor (individual board): $35 for 3 months Blog sponsor: $35 for 3 months BANNER WEBSITE ADS These should be approximately 480 x 80 pixels and be a hyperlink to your site so that you can make changes to it yourself: $35 for 3 months TEXT LINKS AND OTHER ADVERTISING Accepted and rates vary but start at $120 per year which can be prorated. Please contact us. Discounts are given for longer term and yearly advertising. DISPLAY ADVERTISING IN MAGAZINE AMOUNT PER ISSUE MAGAZINE INSIDE COVERS (only if available, no color), 7 1/2"H x 10"V $150.00 MAGAZINE FULL PAGE, 7 1/2" x 10" $100.00 MAGAZINE HALF PAGE, 7 1/2" x 5" $ 65.00 MAGAZINE QUARTER PAGE, 3 3/4" x 5" $ 35.00 MAGAZINE EIGHTH PAGE OR LESS, 3 3/4" x 2 1/2 $ 20.00 MAGAZINE Business card rate $ 20.00 Magazine color ads, please add $35.00 to above rates regardless of size Printed magazine advertisers will also be listed on the National Firebird and Trans Am Club website at www.firebirdtaclub.com in the advertisers/links section at www.firebirdtaclub.com/links.htm and on the club message board at http://board.firebirdclub.net . Website Ad (approx. 500 pixels by 75 pixels) $35 for 3 months Message Board sponsor (individual board) $35 for 3 months Blog sponsor $35 for 3 months We can also trade links in return for website, message board or blog sponsorship! Contact us at ads@firebirdtaclub.com! MAGAZINE ISSUE MAGAZINE CLOSING DATES FEBRUARY DECEMBER 1 MAY MARCH 1 AUGUST JUNE 1 NOVEMBER SEPTEMBER 1 Members also receive the April, July, October and the January eEagle by email. Ad rates are $35 for each issue. Deadline dates are the 1st day of the month prior to the issue. Classified Ads are FREE to NFTAC members. For others and for commercial suppliers, classified ads are $15.00 per insertion for 35 words or less. Additional words are 30 cents each. Classified ads also appear on the website, in the Eagle and in the eEagle. For an additional $15 we will include a photograph of your car or item. EAGLE Display Advertising rates are based on camera-ready copy. Agency discounts will not be honored. A 10% discount if offered to NFTAC members in good standing. A 20% discount is offered on yearly (4 issues) contracts. Payment must accompany submissions. Please make checks payable to the NFTAC. We accept Visa, Master Car, American Express, Discover & PayPal to orders@firebirdtaclub.com. You can also pay by submitting information on our credit card/PayPal form or on our secured site Art and typesetting services are available at prevailing rates. NFTAC ADVERTISING P.O. BOX 11238 CHICAGO, IL 60611 or FAX TO: 773-769-3240 or email: ads@firebirdtaclub.com
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