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    Nigeria Technology Guide, naijatechguide NTG, now offers you the opportunity to advertise your products and services on the internet. We have created a number of Ad channels to enable you advertise your products and services to our esteemed readers. Nigeria Technology Guide is Nigeria's number one technology blog with a monthly page-view of over 580,000. Nigeria Technology Guide also has an impressive social media presence with over 48,000 fans on Facebook and over 8,500 on Twitter. We also now boast of an online forum with well over 24,000 members and over 160,000 monthly page views with a few other projects still in the pipeline. Advertise on naijatechguide and have your Ad viewed by hundreds of thousands of our readers monthly. See our Alexa Traffic Data. For why you need to advertise on Nigeria Technology Guide Scroll down below the Ad rates. Ad Rates on naijatechguide There are various advertising opportunities on NaijaTechGuide, one is contextual advertising, which is available via our current advertising partner Ad Dynamo. Simply visit Ad Dynamo, place your Ad and target NaijaTechGuide and your Ads will start showing on our website. Pay only when users click-on or view your Ads. You can also buy affordable monthly sponsorships or if you are a dealer in tech, cars, and gadgets, you can add your business name and contacts in our dealer listings. Social Media messages are also available. Just contact us directly at passydigital@yahoo.com. Prices of sponsorships and business listings on NaijaTechGuide are shown below. Sponsored Stories Are you launching or relaunching a tech product or service in Nigeria or you want more exposure for a great, but under-performing product? You can now send your articles, press releases and special feature stories to NaijaTechGuide for publication. Price: N5,000 Product Reviews Do you have a great tech product that no one seems to be noticing in the marketplace or are you planning to launch a new product in the Nigerian market, you can now send it to us for review. Let us tell Nigerians how good or bad your product really is. More Details: NaijaTechGuide Product Reviews Social media messages Have your message or communications posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ fan pages. The message could include a link to your website or to your Facebook fan page. We will only publish messages that will be interesting to our fan base. Facebook Price: N2,500 Twitter Price: N1,000 All-in-One Price: N3,000 (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) Social Media Packs: 3 Updates* Package 7,500 Naira (Valid for 7 days), 7 Updates* Package 12,000 Naira (Valid for 14 days) 12 Updates* Package 15,000 Naira (Valid for 30 days) * 1 update consists of a post each on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ Sidebar Ad Slot This Ad unit appears on the sidebar of all pages on NaijaTechGuide including home page and archive pages. However it will not be visible on mobile phones or mobile devices with less than 480 pixels width. Your Ad will get at least 260,000 pageviews on this slot. 150 x 150px Ad Slot Prices: N7,000 (1 month), N5,000 (14 days) 300 x 250px Ad Slot Prices: N20,000 (1 month), N13,000 (14 days) Discount: 3 Months (5%), 6 Months (10%), 12 Months (1 month free) Bottom content Ads This Ad unit appears on the bottom of content pages, immediately below the post content. It will not show on the homepage or the label and archive pages. 150 x 150px Ad Slot Prices: N10,000 (1 month), N7,000 (14 days) 300 x 250px Ad Slot Prices: N27,000 (1 month), N20,000 (14 days) Discount: 3 Months (5%), 6 Months (10%), 12 Months (1 month free) Top content Ads Slots The top content Ads appear on content pages (i.e. article pages). It will not show on the homepage or the label and archive pages. The Ad will show between the title of the article and the body of the article. Two Slots are available. It can be of any size with the following limits Maximum width: 150 pixels, Maximum Height: 150 pixels. Prices: N15,000 (1 month), N10,000 (14 days) Discount: N30,000 (3 months) less than N18 for 1000 pageviews Dealer/distributor/retailer listing Have your business addresses and phone numbers listed on our retailer pages. Your contacts will be listed in the category that fits your business, product, or service. You will also be listed free in our online directories (free directory listing available only if you are in Lagos and Enugu). (up to three store locations with addresses and phone numbers, N1,000 for each additional store) Price: N3,000 (one off payment) Update contacts: N1,000 per update (contact updates free for 1st 6 months) Checkout our dealer listings and details and benefits of listing your contacts on this site on our dealer listing Ad. Advertise at our forum With over 120,000 monthly page views the Nigeria Technology Forum provides a great opportunity for you to reach your audience. The Ad can be of any size with the following limits Maximum width: 150 pixels, Maximum Height: 150 pixels. Prices: starts at N5,000 (1 month), N3,500 (2 weeks) Bottom banner Ads Naijatechguide bottom banner Ad shows on all pages (homepage, content pages, archive pages, label pages). It is located around the footer area. Can be of any size with the following limits Maximum width: 725 pixels, Maximum Height: 300 pixels. Prices: starts at N35,000 (1 month), N20,000 (2 weeks) For all Ad slots sponsorships of 3, 6, and 12 months will attract discounts. How to Advertise on naijatechguide For more information on availability and payment details, contact Nigeria Technology Guide at passydigital@yahoo.com or Call Paschal on 08054739636 (Business Time: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday). Terms and condition apply. Why Advertise on Nigeria Technology Guide Nigeria Technology Guide is a growing source for reliable information on tech news, gadgets, and online services in Nigeria, with visitors growing by over 200% in the past one year. It is Nigeria's number one tech blog. Most of our readers (more than 75%) come directly from search engines and are searching for specific information on the internet. Information sort after by readers of Nigeria Technology Guide include: Prices of different products and services Locations or contact of dealers of technology product or services within the towns they live in General information (reviews, overviews, buy guides, specs, features, specifications, how to) about such products and services Great deals/promos on Technology gadgets & services Tips on using Technology gadgets Loans/lease financing for Technology products Information about booking flights online Information about mobile and internet services Information about mobile and internet services Products and services for which information is sort after on Nigeria Technology Guide blog include but are not limited to: Mobile Phones, parts, accessories and services Tablet computers Mobile services (Blackberry, Internet, IM) Cars (Automobiles in general) Generators Inverters Software Computers, Computer parts and accessories Internet services Cyber cafe services/locations Home Electronics/Electrical appliances (DVD players, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Television, home theatre and so on) Authorised dealers/shops ICT training and career Gaming Cable/DTH pay TV Electronic payments and mobile money Online services Online security Spy and surveillance gadgets Online Jobs services and much more Education (Admissions, online degree, IT training, Exams, etc) NTG readers are high quality as they are already searching for technology products and services on the internet. More than 75% come directly from search engines like Google, Ask, Search, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The presence of naijatechguide on FaceBook and Twitter also accounts to some of our visitors. Nigeria Technology Guide offers the following Ads options: Ad Bars Inset Ads Price listing page Distributor listing page This is a unique opportunity to advertise your product and services on the internet. This is also a cost effective way of improving your online exposure.
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