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OBR provides a comprehensive digital platform for oncology focused news and information.

- We aggregate, customize and prioritize daily oncology news and publications (OBR daily for industry professionals and providers)
- We research, develop and publish original content (OBR green)
- We create and produce customized training programs for pharmaceutical professionals (Oncology Business Dynamics)
- We conduct, interpret, analyze and produce original research (On-Telligence)
- We publish informational resources and editorial perspective to our websites (OBR Radar, Pipeline Online, Blog, Twitter, OBR Finance, News Pulse, KOL Commentary, and others)

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    Publisher: OBR - News, Perspective, Catalyst
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    Advertise with OBR Choose OBR as your marketing partner. One partner… multiple channels… dynamic impact. We prefer a phone call so we can explain in greater detail, but here is a short description of our media channels: OBR daily OBR daily is an exclusive, opt-in, oncology focused e-news service with a large volume of oncology focused readers including oncologists, pharmacists, nurses, practice managers, industry professionals (CEOs, VPs, Product Managers), and agencies. The advertising positions in OBR daily are banners, text boxes, custom e-blasts, and sponsored content. Circulation: Our readership grows everyday but we can guarantee more than 100,000 impressions per month. Write or call us for an update on our readership volume and demographics. OBR green We used to print, now we're 100% digital. Thus the name. We are publishing OBR green 12 times/year through an e-blast to opt-in subscribers and carefully crafted original content published directly to our site. OBR green delivers balanced, provocative journalism that appeals to the multiple perspectives of different stakeholders involved in oncology: oncologists, practice managers, oncology nurses, oncology industry professionals, agencies, consultants, distributors, investment banks, and more. The advertising positions in OBR green include sponsorship of the blast, leaderboards, medium rectangles, and then special projects such as advertorials, e-blasts, and white papers. Circulation: Our readership grows everyday, but we can guarantee a minimum of 10,000 impressions per month. Write or call us for an update on readership volume and demographics. OBRoncology.com Our newly launched website has greatly expanded access to OBR resources such as Pipeline Online, OBR Finance, OBR Radar, KOL commentary, and more. Our original content and news aggregation is now hosted on our site, searchable, and archived. The advertising positions on our website have been greatly expanded to include more than 25 pages. The positions available are leaderboards, medium rectangles, and sponsored content opportunities. Circulation: Sounds familiar but it is true, our website readership grows every day too. We can guarantee a minimum of 8,000 visits and 35,000 pageviews per month. Write or call us for an update on readership volume and demographics. Special Projects Supplement your communication strategy with OBR exclusive marketing tools such as: Edu-Torials: our custom crafted sponsored educational articles Special Events Coverage such as ASCO, ASH, ASCO GI/GU, etc. Webinars Custom multi-media and video Podcasts Now you have the opportunity to reach this audience of current and prospective customers. Sales Contact: To advertise with OBR, please contact Don Sharpe at (415) 332-3327 or ads@obroncology.com. Sales Contact: For more information regarding advertising or production requirements contact us at ads@obroncology.com.
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