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Opozicionar is an independent news portal with a goal to increase the level of media diversity in Serbia and to give an adequate space to opinions that are not Governmentally mainstreamed and controlled.

Opozicionar is trying to rectify alarmingly low state of media freedoms, reported by both independent international and national institutions and organizations.

Our accomplishments

Since the start in February 2015, we had an average of 155 000 visits per month. Our official Facebook page has grown rapidly to over 100 000 likes in a 5 month period, while our Twitter account is followed by another 6000.

We were first to report many incidents and to raise questions that were later pursued by mainstream media.
We were also on many occasions the only media to report from anti-government protests , and we were the first media to have a livestream from an major protest.

Who are we?

Opozicionar was created by volunteers who were not satisfied with increasing deterioration of media and other freedoms in the country. We have different backgrounds and skills (programming, engineering and journalism) but we equally contribute.

We have decided to make a portal that will publish non-governmentally controlled news with highest level of journalistic standards.

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    For the year, the Internet portal oppositionists became one of the most popular information services in Serbia (Ranked 24th on Alexa.com service). With about 200,000 followers on social networks and over a million hits on the site per month, our popularity is becoming greater every day. Tim oppositionists working together manages to maintain a daily increase in the number of visitors, choosing media content and planning every step to make our portal became even better read.
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