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Facebook Marketing Platform: Facebook Ad Campaigns
Social, Mobile Display

Optilly is a social ads management platform for brands and direct response advertisers. Currently we are optimizing ads on FaceBook via the FB ads API.

Optilly helps branders and direct response advertisers find engaged audiences on Facebook. Our system looks at each component of your ads to find your best performing photos, demographics, interests, time of day, ect. Using performance statistics, Optilly's advanced programatic bidding algorithm delivers the right message to the right audience. This creates a win-for-all situation. This end users win because the ads are more engaging, useful and relevant. The advertisers win because they acquire engaged customers which yield a higher ROI.

Optilly is a YCombinator (W2012) company and is backed by some of the most prestigious investors in the valley like SV angels,Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Garage (Japan) and TransMedia Capital.

  • Social
  • Mobile Display
  • Social, Mobile Display
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  • Ad Network, Facebook FMP
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    Facebook Marketing Platform: Facebook Ad Campaigns
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    Financial Services, Gaming, Mobile App Installs, Technology
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