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    Dear Advertising Partner of OAP, Thank you for your interest in advertising in Our Awesome Planet! First, let me share with you how OAP started. I started Our Awesome Planet when my first son was born last January 2005. OAP is a personal blog and one of the country's top blogs in the Food and Travel niche in the Philippines. It is a documentary of Aidan and Joshua's childhood. Have you ever wondered what happened during your childhood? OAP is a love letter to our sons and one of the legacy that we can leave our kids. Also, it is travelogue of our family's adventures. We love trying out new things and new experiences. I've been to most of the restaurants, beaches, and hotels in the Philippines. Our Awesome Planet loves to work with Advertising Partners who shares a common interest and passion specially in promoting the best of the Philippines. Our Awesome Planet Ethical Policy OAP provides comprehensive and objective restaurant, hotel and resort reviews in the Philippines. We pay for all our meals and lodging expenses. We remove all conflicts of interest or disclose them if unavoidable. This includes getting freebies, ex-deals, attending press previews, or reviewing places connected with our family members. Fortunately, we don't have a lot of family members who are in the restaurant and hotel industry in the Philippines. Personally, I do my own pro-bono campaigns to promote and advertise worthy causes, musical plays, operas, indie and animated films to uplift the arts and culture industry of the Philippines. Our Awesome Planet Blog Profile and Statistics OAP is a lifestyle blog that documents the food and travel adventures of our family in real time. It showcases the best of food and travel destinations in the Philippines. OAP readers are smart professionals/entrepreneurs with a family and foodies who love to travel. Our Awesome Planet Blog Statistics (as of April 1, 2013) Age of Blog: 8+ years (One of the Pioneer Blogs in the Philippines) Total Number of Blog Posts: 2,134+ Posts Total Number of Comments: 30,287+ Comments Daily RSS Feed & Email Blog Subscribers: 10,020+ Email Subscribers Facebook Fans : 41,974+ Fans Twitter Followers: 14,309+ Followers Blog’s Popularity and Reach based on Google Analytics (as of April 1, 2013) OAP (April 1, 2013) Our Awesome Planet Banner Ads Inventory OAP Inventory Ads 1. Leaderboard (728 x 90) - It is the most visible ad space in OAP. This is similar to a full-page ad in Magazines. 2. Main Banner (670 x 85) – This is the banner ad that appears on top of every blog posts. 3. Square Ad (300 x 250) – This is the best sidebar ad location in OAP. It appears in the main page and all blog posts. (Please email rache@diaz.ph for the detailed advertising rates based on monthly rates) OAP Advertising Policy OAP does not allow any advertorial blog posts. All posts are based on our editorial discretion. OAP grants exclusivity of Ad placements or Category Lockout during the duration of the Ad OAP grants a first right of refusal before offering the advertising space to competitors. OAP is NOT a member of any of the Blog Advertising Networks in Philippines OAP is partnering with Effective Measure to provide third-party statistics on banner effectiveness and audience impact. How to place direct advertisement in Our Awesome Planet? To proceed with the advertising partnership, please send the following details to rache@diaz.ph.
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