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Founded on March 9th 2001, OverclockersClub.com has evolved into one of the most well known, and trusted overclocking, hardcore enthusiast review sites on the Internet. OverclockersClub.com's goal is simple, “To bring you the latest and best product reviews, detailed guides, and more than enough tech news to make your head explode, while offering a fun and friendly environment.”

At Overclockers Club, we review a wide range of PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, CPU's, heat sinks, water cooling devices, and any other PC related product that we can get our hands on. As a community of enthusiasts, overclockers, hobbyists, and tech geeks we just LOVE all the topics related to overclocking, high performance computing, gaming, and anything else tech related.

Overclockers Club isn't just a hardware review site. In addition to hardware, we've expanded our focus to include reviews and guides that deal with Windows and Linux software and games.

Since 2001 our message boards, also referred to as forums, have grown to include over 57,000 members, and over 1,695,000 searchable messages. The knowledge and friendly people within the Overclockers Club message boards are the true heart of Overclockers Club. Without our members, Overclockers Club would not exist, and we realize this. To ensure Overclockers Club remains a place people look forward to visiting, our staff works endlessly to weed out any bad apples that may arrive.

In May 2008 DIY-Street merged with OCC to make the site even more knowledgeable and stronger then ever.

Overclockers Club, also known as OCC, is based out of Canada, where the site owner and Editor in Chief reside. The rest of the Overclockers Club staff reside throughout USA, Canada, UK and our member base spans the globe.

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    Publisher: Hardware reviews, Overclocking, Tech News and Enthusiast Community Homepage - Overclockers Club
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