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    Panthera Network, a Division of Panthera Interactive, LLC, is an online marketing solution that specializes in performance-based advertising. Our network consists of hundreds of specialty-content publishers and quality advertisers with high-converting offers. We are 100% committed to providing the best ROI to our merchants and we are 100% committed to maximizing the revenue of our publishing partners. What makes Panthera Network special is our staff. Panthera Network employs experts in the online adverting industry. About our Name Panthera Network originated in Tarzana, California. The city of Tarzana was named after the fictional character Tarzan. This fact led us to thinking about the tenacity of lions and tigers. We searched under the scientific naming classifications for lions and tigers and we found that they are in the family Panthera. Well there you have it; that is how “Panthera Network” was named. About the Management Panthera Network was founded by one of the leading online marketing experts in the world. Members of our staff have been proudly serving the online community since 1998. Panthera Network only hires the best-of-breed associates to work with our clients and distribution partners. The executive team has held VP positions in both small start-ups and large public companies. Panthera Network is a “triple-threat.” We are experts in the following areas: Advertising Sales Publisher service and recruitment Technology What does this mean to me? Well it means that you are going to receive an absolute higher level of service and satisfaction than you have received anywhere else on the internet. We are passionate about our business and we have the appropriate resources in place, to insure that you meet and exceed your business goals through us.
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