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Patient Conversation Media
Publisher: Prospective Patients
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Patient Conversation Media is a technology media enterprise focused on the digital evolution within the health industry. PCMi provides a cloud-based platform designed to power its web sites, publish original content, distribute patient education solutions and deploy a suite of eHealth applications that facilitate patient-provider communications.

PCMi’s owned and operated consumer-centric brands include dailyRx, RxWiki, 1-800-Oncologist and 1-800-Therapist. PCMi’s 1-800-Health-Brands enable health providers to enhance patient conversations, maximize appointment productivity and deliver a superior digital experience on the Internet, Mobile, and Telephony applications.

PCMi’s national network of physicians, pharmacists and behavioral health providers serve as the primary distribution channel for its patient education.

PCMi’s content distribution offerings are disrupting the health news and medication content licensing markets. One of the unique publishing solutions is the distribution of customizable patient education, co-branded with the most trusted health care providers in America – doctors, therapists, and pharmacists. This customization extends each doctor's brand throughout the digital landscape at no cost, delivering personalized education information to patients.

  • Company Name:
    Patient Conversation Media
  • Headquarters:
    4315 Guadalupe St. , Ste. 200 Austin, TX 78705 United States of America
  • Office Locations:
    HQ: Austin.
  • 11-50 employees
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  • Desktop Display, Desktop Video, Email
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  • Headline:
    Publisher: Prospective Patients
  • Key Differentiator
    We empower healthcare providers to better engage patients, increase revenues, and decrease operating expenses using our innovative technology solutions. Patient Conversation Media, Inc. (PCMi) is a diversified media company focused on the eHealth 3.0 market segment. PCMi deploys digital solutions that add value to and reduce cost related to the 5 billion patient - provider conversations each year. Our cloud-based platforms and applications spark constructive collaboration among all health care decision makers. PCMi offers healthcare providers digital media solutions that attract engaged consumer audiences, increase patient satisfaction, and empower better coordination of care. Our cloud-based technology platforms create, co-brand, and syndicates actionable text and video content for healthcare providers to better communicate with patients. PCMi's leverages open-source technologies to achieve low-cost operator advantages in the mobile application and content publishing industries. PCMi’s portfolio includes two patient-centric brands: The dailyRx News Network publishes video based health news that doctors can easily share with patients before, during, and after care. dailyRx News is the #1 publisher of health news with integrated video segments. News articles are research-based, covering a wide spectrum of health conditions, pharmaceuticals, and over-the-counter medicines. The RxWiki Digital Pharmacist Network, is a digital media company publishing content, establishing an independent pharmacy distribution network, and engaging high-value subscribers with pharmacy transaction services. RxWiki’s life-science encyclopedia featuring videos and social media sharing is edited exclusively by pharmacists. RxWiki.com has become a leading digital resource for ‘Pre-Refill-Patients’ seeking updated medication information, financial assistance resources, access to clinical trials, with an integrated ‘ask-a-pharmacist’ service.
  • Owned / Operated Properties
    DailyRX.com, RxWiki.com, 1-800-Oncologist.com, 1-800-Therapist.com
  • Targeting

    (Hospitals) Condition: Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Dialysis, Allergies

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