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    If you have a Paintball product or service to sell, this is the place! With literally hundreds of thousands of site visitors per month, your product or service will get the visibility it needs to sell. What We Offer - A quick overview 4 programs - 1 Monthly Rate program and 3 Pay-Per-Click programs No setup fee for any program Easy, automatic account and ad setup Daily budget setup for PPC programs Now let's look at the specific programs you can choose from. Monthly Rate Programs Billboard Banners: Global This program allows your 468 x 60 or 728 x 90 banner to appear in rotation at the top of most pages on the site. You are guaranteed a minimum of 500,000 views per month and may receive many more than the minimum. If your banner doesn't receive the minimum number of views, your rate for the next month will be adjusted accordingly. Pay Per Click Programs Pay Per Click advertising allows you to pay only when someone actually clicks a link to your site. You can apply a daily budget to any of these programs. It is an effective and low cost way to bring visitors to your online store. Places to Buy The Places to Buy program provides a direct link to your online store listed under "Places to Buy" on product review pages. You can select multiple items that you sell to appear here. Hot Deals If you want to highlight specific products, sales or deals, this program is a good choice. Your picture or text ads will appear in rotation on the left side of most pages and on the Hot Deals page. You can set an expiration to occur based on the date or number of clicks received. You can have up to 10 Hot Deals running simultaneously. Paintball Stores This program will display a description of your online store (100 words maximum) on the Paintball Stores page with a link to your site. Easy and Quick to Start! You can get your advertising campaign off the ground in minutes with any of these programs. Just enter your account information, write your ad and/or upload your banner or picture. For PPC programs, you will need to make a minimum $50 credit card deposit. The whole process is automatic and simple and can deliver your message to a worldwide audience. Get your product or service the exposure it deserves, and get started today! Please use the form on this page to register as an advertiser. Already have an account? Login Here:
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