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Publisher: Petals to Picots Crochet PatternsPetals to Picots
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    Publisher: Petals to Picots Crochet PatternsPetals to Picots
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    Hello, my friend! I am so glad you stopped by to visit me in my little creative corner of cyberspace! Let me first introduce myself … My name is Kara. I am a wife and hard working mommy to three great kids. In addition to being a crochet blogger, I am also a crochet designer, as well as a crochet instructor as my local yarn store. This blog is my creative space to share my passion for crochet. I have met so many amazingly talented women since I first started on this path, and they continue to inspire me and help me grow. And I hope to get to know you as well! My love of crochet started when I was little and I would sit and watch my grandmother — my Nonna — crochet beautiful afghans, tablecloths, baby clothes, and so much more. When I was 9 years old she gave me my own hook — which I still have now, 30 years later — and taught me how to crochet. And I have been crocheting ever since! From trying new patterns to designing my own, I always have a crochet project stashed in my bag. My most recent crochet accomplishment is graduating from the CGOA Masters of Advanced Stitches & Techniques program. I also have a BA in English Literature and over 15 years experience in publishing and corporate communications. I have extensive freelance experience writing, editing, proofreading, and typesetting for academic, medical, scientific, corporate, and consumer markets. I have been published in For the Bride magazine (Winter 1997) and have also edited weekly columns in Woman’s World magazine. But enough about me … grab a cup of tea, look around, and hopefully you’ll find some crochet inspiration throughout these pages. And I would love to hear what you’re working on too. Feel free to leave me a comment, drop me an e-mail, or show off a photo of your latest creation on my Facebook page. Happy hooking!
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