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Pharmacy Choice
Publisher: Pharmacy Choice - for the Pharmacist, Technician and Student - July 5, 2014
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    Publisher: Pharmacy Choice - for the Pharmacist, Technician and Student - July 5, 2014
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    The Company Pharmacy Choice, Inc. is an application service provider and professional services company for the pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries. The Pharmacy Choice web portal provides pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, students and others in the industry with the most comprehensive suite of web-based tools and information available, including career services, drug information and continuing education. Our goal is to provide more efficient products, services and software solutions with a higher level of customer service to the industry while increasing the number of its professionals who have access to web-based career, education and information resources. Industry Specific Information The core philosophy behind the Pharmacy Choice web portal is to make your life easier. As the Internet grows it becomes more and more difficult to locate and manage the unbelievable amount of industry specific information. This web site is designed to help you quickly find what you are searching for on the Internet. Our network of web sites and affiliate companies are organized efficiently and put thousands of pharmacy related resources at your fingertips. Affiliate Web Sites The following web sites are part of the Pharmacy Choice network and they each offer more specific products and services. Please visit each site for more information. Pharmacy Choice currently operates the largest industry specific job board on the Internet at RxCareerCenter. RxCareerCenter provides job candidates with a secure and confidential system for searching for career opportunities. Employers are provided with a complete back-end management system for loading their open jobs and tracking resumes. The RxSchool web site acts as an educational hub where pharmaceutical organizations, educators and students come together in an web-based distance learning environment. RxSchool offers everything from continuing education for pharmacists to pharmacy technician certification training courses. Targeted Banner Advertising Pharmacy Choice offers the most effective banner advertising system in the Industry with targeted categories and impression based ad servers. We will help you prepare a banner campaign that will produce results and create brand name awareness for your products and services. If you don't have a professionally developed banner ad, our developers will design one for you. Our goal is to keep banner advertising easy and affordable with advertising options based on banner impressions or designated periods of time. Banner space is currently available at the following web sites: Pharmacy Choice, RxCareerCenter, Pharmacy Pages Email Sponsorship Now you can be a sponsor of our monthly newsletter for pennies an email! This monthly Pharmacy Choice newsletter goes out to thousands of registered users. Employment Advertising RxCareerCenter is the largest pharmacy specific job board on the Internet. Utilize our user-friendly system to post your jobs, search resumes and manage candidate contacts. Combine job postings with a banner advertising campaign for maximum branding and exposure. Advertising your open pharmacy positions to a global audience has never been easier or more affordable. One of the best ways to reach your target audience is through education. Pharmacy Choice and RxSchool offers hundreds of hours of educational programs, most of which are available for sponsorship. Feature listings Statistics show that directory listings that appear at the top of a web page are more likely to get attention and have a higher rate of click through. Grab the attention of our pharmacy professionals with a feature listing in the Pharmacy Choice directory. Custom Surveys Knowing your target market is half the battle. Use our survey system to collect data from thousands of Pharmacy Choice users. We can customize a survey for your organization and put valuable data at your fingertips.
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