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Publisher: Leading Aviation and Airline Pilots Website | Pilotman.net
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    Publisher: Leading Aviation and Airline Pilots Website | Pilotman.net
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    Some of you might know who is the guy behind this website, some others don’t. For personal reasons I decided to be anonymous. When I was 10 years old, I wanted to become a computer technician until the time I traveled in an aircraft to go in Dakar (Senegal) on holidays when I was 13. Since that very precise time, Aviation has always been my main priority. I started right the way to play Microsoft Flight Simulator on my parents computer waiting the right time to start learning how to fly an airplane. I grew up together with my sister in a quite classic family environment. My mom was working as a nurse before she stopped working to become housewife and to take care of my sister and I since our dad passed away when I was 4. I got no memories about him and it always affect me when I think about him or when I could be proud of something I did without receiving the appreciation of my dad. Well, this is what I call “life” and I guess everybody has his own difficulties. Since I came back from my holidays in Senegal, I went on the internet to check how to start flying and where to go. I started to exchange emails with Francis on an aviation forum. He was private pilot which was flying in France. With my mom approval, I did my first discovery flight with him on a Robin DR400, small single engine airplane. I still remember this like if it was yesterday! I was 14 and this is how everything started… In 2005, quite a lot of people created a blog right before starting their flying phase with the aim to share what they were doing. I was following the blog of Caroline that was on training to become airline pilot. Her blog name was “Flightwoman” and this probably why I have been choosing “Pilotman”. I created the blog to share initially some of the pictures or movies to my friends, family and visitors. I was 15 years old, just doing some glider and from that time I was posting news related to what I was doing aviation wise on regular basis. From 2005 until now 2013 a lot happened of course and you would be able to see what I did as from the begining on this website. Advertise Interested in advertising your business on Pilotman.net? With more than 8,000 unique monthly visitors, around 20 000 page views and more than 2,500 subscribers to our Newsletter and social networks, Pilotman.net leads the online aviation and pilots industry with unique content! Advertising on Pilotman.net reaches a highly targeted demographic, which includes mostly current and future airline pilots. Our readers can simply click your ad and be taken directly to your website! Web advertising is quickly becoming the most cost effective form of advertising available! This is a great way to make yourself known to the aviation community.
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