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    Hi, I'm Josie! I am a 32 year old mother of four young children, so needless to say, my life is simultaneously fun, busy, and scary! My sweet girl Caroline is in Kindergarten, Smith is a fun-loving two-year old, and I have twin baby boys, Henry and Tucker. They were born last January, and have been a delightful and crazy addition to our family. My husband Joey is an amazing father and husband, but he also hold the roles of taste-tester, dish-washer, spider-killer, and tickle monster. We live in the suburbs of Atlanta, and love being close to the city for dining out, shopping, the endless number of kids' activities, and Georgia Tech sports. When we first got married, I loved to spend every spare minute in the kitchen cooking and baking elaborate meals. As a result, I gravitated toward recipes that were more involved and time-consuming. Over the years I've come to realize that it doesn't matter how long the ingredient list is, or how long it took you to cook. What matters is that you used quality ingredients, seasoned it properly, and cooked a meal that you love. My kids love helping me in the kitchen, and it makes me so happy to have them in here with me. I consider almost every recipe on here to be "kid-friendly," because with very few exceptions, kids should eat the same things we do. I don't believe in serving my kids chicken nuggets and mac & cheese, while we enjoy salmon and green beans. Instilling a love of nutritious and delicious food is one of the most important goals I have as a mother. My hope is to inspire other parents out there to urge their kids to be adventurous - both in the kitchen and in life! As a born and bred Atlantan, it should come as no surprise that my favorite cuisine to cook is southern food. No other cuisine in the US has such a strong and rich heritage, and I just love the history and legacy of the south and its food. I love giving recipes a southern spin, or putting a unique spin on other classic dishes. I started this blog in 2009, right around Caroline's first birthday. When she was born, I quit my job as a chemist at the CDC to stay at home full-time with my baby. I stopped researching chemicals and environmental toxins, and started researching food. I devoured cookbooks like novels, spent way too much time reading food blogs, and read cooking magazines cover-to-cover in one sitting. I eventually decided that starting a food blog would be a fun hobby, and Pink Parsley was born. Over the years I've made thousands of recipes, taken even more pictures, and made some of the best friends I'll ever have. One of my goals is to cook as seasonally as possible, so don't expect to find tomato recipes in January, or pumpkin recipes in July. I love to cook simple foods with quality ingredients, and I draw inspiration from many sources: family recipes, cooking magazines, restaurants, food blogs, and some of my favorite chefs. Thanks so much for stopping by!
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