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News and commentary on Planet X / Nibiru and its effects on Earth and Space
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PlanetXnews.com is your one-stop source for all news related to Planet X (Nibiru / Wormwood / Hercolubus), as well as its effects on Earth, our weather, the sun and solar system. We also share paranormal and alternative news that may not be related to Planet X or its effects but interesting to our readers, nonetheless. All of our original articles may be reposted in full, unedited, with full attribution.

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    News and commentary on Planet X / Nibiru and its effects on Earth and Space
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    Think you may have pictures or video of Planet X / Nibiru? Please post them in our designated forum for everyone to review. (Please do not email them to us. We will not review them.) News tips should be addressed to newstips@planetxnews.com. Advertising inquiries should be addressed to advertise@planetxnews.com. This site averages over 8,000 views per day from over 3,000 individuals located primarily in the United States as well as most of the other English-speaking countries. Our readers are interested in topics such as space, Earth science, natural disasters, extreme weather, chemtrails, survivalism, prepping, militias, alternative medicine, alternative news, the New World Order and other such topics — and of course primarily Planet X / Nibiru. Here are our advertising options: 1. Left column banner placement (approval required) at a rate of $70 for seven days, $140 for 15 days or $250 for 30 days. Banner must be exactly 120×600 or 160×600. Up to 15 banners allowed in slot which rotate every five seconds for maximum viewability, meaning each banner will be seen thousands of times per day. Advertisers may purchase more than one ad slot concurrently but banners must be different. Display and click stats not provided. 2. Monthly eNewsletter text or banner ad (approval required) at a rate of $20 per month. 3. Targeted ad placement: Google AdWords; Adblade; Yahoo/Bing; Disqus. All other inquiries should be addressed to info@planetxnews.com. Feel you’re an authority or Planet Xpert on Planet X / Nibiru or a related topic? Consider guest writing for PlanetXnews.com. Your work will receive maximum exposure in the field. Prior writing experience not required. Email write@planetxnews.com for more information.
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