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PlanetReuse makes it easier to incorporate reclaimed building material into projects around the world. As a brokering and consulting company, we match materials with project needs. Our process is streamlined and efficient: we locate and source the materials, test for quality and document for LEED and Living Building Challenge certification. This frees designers to focus on what they do best, and help divert tons of construction materials from landfills. The PlanetReuse objective is simple: save projects money, save designers time and save the planet.

Founded by an architectural engineer with construction expertise, the PlanetReuse consultants know the design and construction world and speak the language. Like the design team, we care deeply about responsible and sustainable construction. That’s why making it significantly easier for them to source reclaimed building materials is our mission. PlanetReuse is one of few examples where going green saves money while saving the planet.

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    Publisher: PlanetReuse - Reused and Reclaimed Building Materials Marketplace
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    Advertising with PlanetReuse is a great way to align your brand with a company that has been nationally recognized for its social and environmental mission. Our audience is engaged, passionate, loyal and primed to hear your message. PlanetReuse appeals to the following groups that care about the history of their products and the legacy they leave by reusing them in creative ways. - Advertising FAQs architects & designers business owners builders homeowners craftspeople deconstruction contracts
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