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Publisher: Playing With Words 365 – building speech & language skills in everyday experiences
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    Publisher: Playing With Words 365 – building speech & language skills in everyday experiences
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    About Katie KatiePWW365 Hello! Welcome, I’m Katie. I’m a licensed and credentialed pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and have been practicing for 8.5 years with over 15 years experience working with children of all abilities. Though I have experience working with children of all ages, I specialize in the little ones ages 2-6. After several years working in the school system, I’m currently spending most of my time at home with my children, and see clients in my private practice. I am passionate about family, parenting, quality toys and educating others about speech and language development and intervention strategies. My goal is to provide my readers with insightful, relevant, and helpful information that can be applied in daily life to help expand speech and language skills in young children. I write for a broad audience made up mostly of parents of young children and fellow speech-language pathologists and other early childhood educators, so you will see a variety of posts aimed at the different types of readers. Want to know MORE about me? You can read my post HOW I GOT HERE, about how I stumbled into this profession. For more details on my credentials, training and overall philosophy, please click HERE. New here? I recommend you check out my Speech and Language 101 page and my Speech & Language Development series where there are links to posts ALL about how children develop speech and language skills in the first 5 years of life. If you are looking for help on how to help your child talk, listen and communicate, I recommend you check out my How to Help Your Child Page. If you are just starting your journey with speech therapy and are feeling lost, confused, and having many questions you may want to check out my series on What You Can Expect from Speech Therapy. I am a huge believer in the power of PLAY and recommend you check out my post on The Importance of PLAY on Speech and Language Development, and my Toy Recommendations series as toy quality does matter! You may also want to check out my top 10 posts of all time, to get to know my blog a little better. Here they are! 1. Top Toys and How They Can Support Speech & Language Development (part one) 2. My Tips to Teaching the /r/ Sound 3. Five Playful Ways to Work on Listening and Following Directions 4. My 5 Tips to Help Your Toddler’s Speech & Language Development (guest post at Toddler Approved) 5. Barrier Games: Great for Language Development 6. 25+ Best Gifts to Expand Your Child’s Speech & Language Development: Birth to 5 7. 50 Ways to Keep your Toddler or Preschooler Busy on a Plane (or Elsewhere) 8. Speech Articulation Development: What’s Normal and What Isn’t? 9. Speech Therapy Data Collection 10. 12 Sites Where I get FREE Therapy Materials So, I welcome you to my little corner of the internet and hope you enjoy your stay! Cheers!
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