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    We set up this site to let everyone share their memories of events, TV shows, films, advertising, magazines, newspapers, current affairs and events – everything – that has occurred in their lives! Whether you remember what you were doing when JFK was shot, or you really loved The Goonies, or Ferris Bueller’s Day Out, we’re certain that you’ll enjoy the sentimental banter we have going on. Search, and you will find! If you’re looking for a particular TV show, news event or film etc that you remember from the past, the best place to start is the “Search” box (at the top-right of the screen on every page). From there you can search for something you loved (or hated) from the past. Obvious Category Names = Easy Navigation! You can also browse through the nostalgic posts, which are separated into the most obvious of categories – e.g. T.V., Children’s TV, Films, Sporting Events etc. These categories are also seperated by country – US & Canada, UK & Ireland, Australia & New Zealand (we hope to include more as the site grows!). Share your own memories! One of the main ideas of Popular Nostalgia is that we want to share our memories of events and programs from the past. Part of this involves a discussion about what other people can remember. The easiest way to do this here is using the “Comment” function. Add Your Comments! It is really simple to add your own comments about any post on the popular nostalgia site – simply register (it costs nothing!) and you’re free to comment on any post. We really do want to hear what a particular event, program or news story meant to you at the time; and how you remember it! Write Posts of your own! Is there something you remember distinctly that you’d like to share with everyone? Do you remember something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Share it with the world! Please visit the “Write For Us” section to see just how simple it is to begin adding your own favourite memories from popular culture to this site. Invite Your Friends! The best thing about nostalgia is sharing your memories with your friends who were there at the same time as you. Perhaps they have different memories that you have forgotten! Use the “Email to a friend” links on each post to tell your mates about something you think they’ll be interested in. That’s all from us for this page – we hope you like the rest of the site – read; enjoy; share. Everything looks better through rose tinted glasses…
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