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Publisher: Portland Restaurants.com - Portland dining guide
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    Publisher: Portland Restaurants.com - Portland dining guide
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    Advertising Where it Matters Portland Restaurants.com is a highly ranked, highly trafficked restaurant selection website that excels in connecting diners to restaurants and vice versa. Every day, thousands of visitors come to Portland Restaurants.com with the same goal: to choose their next restaurant. They find extensive, in-depth information about a wide range of area restaurants, and a clean, well-designed content system that allows them to find restaurants that meet their exact needs. We refer thousands of guests every month to local restaurants through our online reservation system. Today's web users are looking for information, and Portland Restaurants.com offers cutting-edge tools and an ideal format for advertisers to meaningfully connect to users. Our advertising options include both traditional mediums such as banner and link advertising as well as innovative new options that allow restaurants to promote themselves through quality content and relevant information. Our unique position as a resource for tens of thousands of locals and visitors every month, coupled with our revolutionary advertising opportunities makes Portland Restaurants.coman unrivaled outlet through which to promote your products and services and gain exposure for your brand. We look forward to showing you how we can work together to connect your business with our readers. There are three ways to advertise with Portland Restaurants.com 1. Restaurant Listings Why should advertising be limited to just one ad? Restaurant Listings offer a revolutionary advertising opportunity that not only offers high-traffic web presence, but comprehensive exposure. Your restaurant listing on Portland Restaurants.com will provide thousands of visitors with an extensive profile and complete overview of your restaurant. Our customizable listings feature an info page and professional restaurant review as well as customer reviews, a vibrant photo gallery, online menus and wine lists, chef profiles, featured recipes, special offers, and event listings. Our optional Concierge Service Package allows diners to make online and phone reservations directly through your restaurant listing. For more information or to list your restaurant on Portland Restaurants.com please see our Restaurant Listing Rates & Options page. 2. Banner Advertising We offer banner advertising for all types of businesses, allowing you to display a colorful or even animated ad prominently across all pages on our website. By restricting the number of banner advertisers each week, and by rotating banner ads thorugh our dynamic ad delivery system, we ensure your ad will be prominently featured across our entire website. Various pricing structures start at as little as $0.01 per impression, with options that allow you to pay per impression or per time slot. An exclusive advertising option allows your company's banners to display 24/7 on every single page on our website. For more information please see our Banner Advertising Rates & FAQ page.
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