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Publisher: PrairieLinks Ag Directory and Tractor Search
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    Publisher: PrairieLinks Ag Directory and Tractor Search
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    On a cold December day in 1996, the foundation for Prairielinks.Com was laid. Unable to get to his farm that day due to a blizzard, Manitoba farmer Dwayne Leslie built his first web page. It was a simple one page set of links with a few corny graphics and very amateurish by today's standards. Every web designer has their first site to look fondly back on, and we are no exception. With the encouragement of many loyal users and industry peers we took the plunge and launched PrairieLinks.Com in November 1998. While starting as a simple links site, we have branched out now to include Over 8,000 aglinks commodity charts commodity quotes ag classifieds humor pages farm auction listings (Internets Largest) 75,000 Unique Visitors per Month ! Prairielinks.com, billed as "Canada's Premiere Starting Point for Agriculture" has come along way to get to where it is today. With a very strong brand Prairielinks.com enjoys a prime domain name and the number of visitors and traffic increases daily. The future is bright.......come along for the ride.
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