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Project Wonderful makes advertising awesome!

Project Wonderful is the advertising company for publishers and companies who just want to get along. It's got an awesome interface and it's easy to use. Advertisers can get their ads displayed instantly on websites across the network and publishers can control what shows in their ad boxes!

The way we do advertising is different from what you might be familiar with, because rather than buying clicks, you buy time on a site. Our auction puts your ad on any (or all!) of our publisher's sites, for as long or as short as you want, and it's a transparent and affordable process.

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    Managed Service
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    eCommerce, Retail
  • Key Differentiator
    Bidding with Project Wonderful is fast and fun: your ad can be up on Carbon Dating in seconds! Bid whatever price you'd like, for as long as you'd like: two days, a week, a year - it's your choice, and you're only charged for the time your ad is shown. You can also set hard expense limits on your bids, so you never get charged more than you expect.
  • Owned / Operated Properties
    bonedcomic.com, projectwonderful.com, carbon-comic.com, disorderlystitches.com, minecraftpocket-servers.com, ebooktakeaway.com, 815facebook.com, nn4b.com, zapcomic.com, dangerouslychloe.com, jennyandteddy.com, wondermark.com, jlroberson.org, shirtswithrandomtriangles.com, betweenfailures.com, duelinganalogs.com, creepypasta.com, widdershinscomic.com, iamarg.com, eeriecuties.com, thezombiehunters.com, robbieandbobby.com, frugalityisfree.com, hijinksensue.com, handmadefuture.com, ypcomic.com, reallifecomics.com, luisescobarblog.com, centslessbooks.com
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