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Als professional opereer je op een high level. Ook privé leg je de lat graag hoog. In je volle agenda weet je werk en privé prima met elkaar te verbinden. En dan komt de dag dat je met je partner voor een gezin gaat. Je leven wordt anders. Uitdagender. Pro Parents begeleidt en adviseert je bij het managen ervan. Professioneel en betrokken.

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    Advertising Editorial Content Re-launched in December 2008, the redesigned ProParents.com again shows our ongoing commitment to moms. More user-friendly than ever, the clean and beautiful design provides moms with the content they seek and engages them through trusted content and unique/convenient tools, providing a powerful context for brand-building messages. What makes ProParents.com unique: Multiple site components are visible on every page to encourage moms to spend more time on our site and navigate within the pages. Design flexibility opens up new sponsorship and ad serving opportunities to give advertisers more customization and exclusivity. Seamless integration with our printed properties allows in-book and online features to compliment and enhance each other. New channels focus content on key stages and give heavily searched topics their own home. More channel headings and sub-headings provide easy navigation between topics. Cool Tools highlight exclusive features like the Child Health Guide, Birthday Party Planner, and Pregnancy Planner. Featured Stories and Top 10 List: Reader and editor favorites promote timely and popular subjects. Tons of photo galleries show off great finds and ideas like baby gear, pregnancy fashion, recipe collections, and cover contest entries. Exclusive marketing touts highlight promotional programs and events. ProParents.com Demographics A Snapshot Total adults 15.2 million Median age 34 Median HHI $66,444 Median home value $224,714 Age % Comp Audience (000) % Coverage Age 18-34 52.7 8,028 11.8 Age 18-49 87.5 13,330 10.0 Age 25-49 70.7 10,777 10.2 Age 25-54 75.7 11,527 9.1 Education Attended/graduated college+ 55.2 8,414 7.1 Graduated college+ 26.7 4,066 7.1 Employment and Income Employed 65.7 10,007 6.9 HHI $50,000+ 75.4 11,492 6.9 Family Size 2+ children in household 49.0 7,471 13.8 Average age of kids 6.6 years old
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