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Publisher: A content-oriented tourist guide dedicated to social-minded travelers with articles on worldwide destinations
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World's best party destinations on where to go, where to party, and the best nights to be there. A party paradise of rockin' nightlife to pubs, clubs, cities and festivals throughout the world. PubClub.com is Where The World Goes To Party! Reviews of bars, nightlife, festivals, concerts & more around the globe.

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    Publisher: A content-oriented tourist guide dedicated to social-minded travelers with articles on worldwide destinations
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    Looking to reach a fun, youthful audience that spends its time and money going out to bars, clubs, restaurants, sporting events and concerts? Then look no further than PubClub.com. This targeted website visitors rare comprised primarily of young and fun 21-40 singles to 40’s+fun-seeking couples. Mostly the audience is single and looking to party! If want to reach a targeted market in the highly-desirable 21-40 age group with disposable income to spend on your products or services, then PubClub is for you. Our site visitors are go-getters who love travel, adventure, dancing, and consuming beverages. They go out, the eat out and they travel in in groups. Our pictures tell the story – these are the people we encounter each and every day and they are the consumers you will reach by advertising on PubClub.com. We have been featured on ABC TV’s “The View” and covered by the TV syndicated web site reviewer The Cyber Guy, syndicated travel columnist The Internet Traveler, and dozens of publications, including USA Today, American Way (American Airlines in flight publication), The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Miami Herald. PubClub.com offers several opportunities and benefits for advertising and sponsorships. Because we are devoted to a particular interest, advertisers are able to target a very specific audience eager to spend money. Our site visitors consume beverages, eat dinner in restaurants, use credit cards, cellular phones and take photos with digital cameras. Check the left navigation bar for a look at our content. Click your way around the site to see what destinations and/or events we cover best fits your company’s requirements. We will develop the “package of pages,” a custom-tailored combination of articles to fit your exact audience and budget. Our visitors also like what they see, because they spend an average of five minutes per visit on PubClub.com. Advertisers can reach our readers and members through the following areas. Prices vary from how many ads are placed to on how many pages, but generally run $50-250 per month: Top and bottom banner ads. Side banner ads Text to your site Links to your product(s) and establishments, which can include text, photos and video streaming Our unique approach also enables us to offer title sponsorship of various elements of our site. We have the following areas available: Title Sponsor of the Shot of the Day (includes Home page plus Shot of the Day page) Official Airline Official Credit Card Official Digital Camera Official Hotel Official Long Distance Calling Card Your involvement does not end with sending us a check. We are committed to long-term relationships. Therefore, advertising or sponsorships is just a first step in a mulit-tiered marketing program we can provide.
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