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Publisher: Pulp and Paper Resources on the Web
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    Publisher: Pulp and Paper Resources on the Web
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    Information for Advertisers PaperOnWeb is one of the MOST visited and fastest growing Pulp and Paper site. It provides quick links to the websites of the pulp and paper manufacturers, the paper chemical manufacturers, the paper machinery and control system manufacturers, service and supply companies, associations and organizations, consultants, education and research, career opportunities, and much more. PaperOnWeb is now offering advertising space where you can now market your company's products and services on the Internet. I can put your advertisement on the Internet for one week, one month or one year at rate as low as US$ 50. which includes: Publishing a banner ad (approximately 300 X 60 or 150X120 pixels in size) on any page on PaperOnWeb to highlight your message, products and/or services, Providing a hypertext link on the banner ad that will take the viewers directly to your site; Alternatively linking to a page with your detail message and hypertext link to your site, or an email form, address or a contact numbers so they can reach you, Giving your organization 24-hour exposure in the global Internet marketplace - by using the Internet you are not restricted to the regional distribution of magazines and newspapers. Connecting you with a large and growing number of pulp and paper community users - PaperOnWeb has more than 1.3 Million web page view per year My advertising rates are very competitive, especially when compared to the print media. ADVERTISEMENT RATES Advertisement Size Page Monthly Rate Yearly Rate 1"X8" 60X450 Pixels Home US $ 50 US $ 500 1"X5" or 2"X2.5" 60X300 Pixels or 120X150 Pixels Home US $ 50 US $ 500 1"X5" or 2"X2.5" 60X300 Pixels or 120X150 Pixels Any Other Page US $ 40 US $ 400 NOTE: 1. Size in inches is based on 17" screen size. 2. Size in pixels is based on 800X600-pixel resolution. 3. For any other sizes please contact. 4. Advertising material should be relevant to the site theme and is subject to approval. check acnemax website for best acnemax fiyat To place ad or for further inquiry please E-Mail
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