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We Take a "Bite" Out of Retail!
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First, we'd like to thank you for visiting PulseTV.com. If you are reading this letter you are obviously very interested in the company and learning more about us.

PulseTV.com was founded in 1996. We started out by promoting products on TV. You probably remember some of our campaigns... Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, The Honeymooners, Stomp, The Carpenters and others.

Many of us have worked together for over 15 years at this company and earlier at a leading catalog company. We all had a passion for building a great company and joined forces to create PulseTV.com

How did we branch out into other products besides DVDs? The credit goes to our customers! We began getting emails and letters asking us if we could get other TV products. We listened and started first with TV products and branched out to more.

A lot has changed with e-commerce from 1996 to today. We successfully rode the internet bubble and survived the burst, pleased to have helped millions of customers along the way. Through the years we have maintained the integrity of our company and stayed true to our goals:

Offer a wide assortment of products at a good value
Create a shopping experience that is simple and easy to use
Provide dependable delivery backed up by our in-house fulfillment center
Assist you quickly and efficiently with responsive customer service

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    We Take a "Bite" Out of Retail!
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