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Publisher: The Punch - Nigeria's Most Widely Read Newspaper – Breaking News, information and opinion in Nigeria
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This is the official Linkedin page of The Punch Newspapers, the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria. Join us for breaking news, information, sports, metro, business, education, finance, health, entertainment and opinion in Nigeria and beyond........

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    Publisher: The Punch - Nigeria's Most Widely Read Newspaper – Breaking News, information and opinion in Nigeria
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    Use Punch Online for Phenomenal Reach! Welcome! We are delighted to introduce Punch on the web to you as a unique medium for securing additional reach to your potential market. Just as the three print titles in our stable, The Punch, Saturday Punch and Sunday Punch, have remained Nigeria’s most widely read newspapers for years, Punch on the Web – our online edition – has built up its reputation, over the last three years, as an authoritative source of up-to-date news and commentary. We hasten to invite you, therefore, to add Punch on the Web to your total media strategy, for maximum effect, owing to its unique advantages which, among other things, include; a. You have immediate access to a national and global readership through a state-of-the-art `medium, the World Wide Web. b. Despite this far-flung reach, our online advert rates are relatively modest. A full banner advert measuring 460 x 60 pixels on our Home Page, for instance (i.e. to the right of the Punch masthead), costs N168,750 (one hundred and sixty eight thousand, seven hundred and fifty naira only). Each advert lasts for one week on the site. c. Your ads can kill two birds with a stone by not only reaching our worldwide online readers, but also serving as direct links to your corporate websites. d. You have a choice of using still or animated advert designs/logos/icons, or a combination of them. e. Using our online medium, the same rates apply to both color and black-and-white adverts f. You have flexibility of design formats and sizes to suit your taste and special needs. For more information, send an e-mail to onlineadvert@punchng.com. You can also reach us by phone through these lines: +234-802-344-5568(Mrs. Andrew-Ofishe Patience), +234-703-768-0311(Ms. Moyosore Oyebanjo), +234-803-924-4185(Ms. Omolola Ogunsemowo), or +234-802-321-4448(Mrs. Remilekun Mabo). Please click here for: (1) Online Advert Rates and (2) Print Advert Rates. Best regards. The Management For: Punch Nigeria Limited
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