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Publisher: Purchasing Insight for Purchase to pay, electronic invoicing, the procurement process, the purchasing process and dynamic discounting.
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Purchasing Insight - Insights into Purchase to Pay, Electronic Invoicing and Financial Supply Chain Management

Purchase to Pay (P2P) most often refers to internal requisition, approval, order, receipt and payment process – the policies and processes that define how things are bought and paid for. But P2P represents much more. Purchase to Pay represents a 21st century approach to supply chain management, to collaboration and to cash management. It allows businesses to secure closer and more sustainable relationships with supply chain partners on both the buy side and sell side. It facilitates and makes possible new ways of working that allows greater visibility of spend and tighter spend management. It offers innovative approaches to cash management that leverages P2P technology to generate cash management savings.

P2P doesn’t just reduce the cost of the purchasing process. P2P doesn’t just reduce the cost of invoicing. It reduces the cost of doing business.

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    Publisher: Purchasing Insight for Purchase to pay, electronic invoicing, the procurement process, the purchasing process and dynamic discounting.
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    Purchasing Insight was founded in 2009 designed to share insights in purchase to pay. Written by purchase to pay practitioners, it offers current and authoritative resources and opinion on P2P best practice as well as insights on vendor solutions and emerging trends. Purchasing Insight logoAttracting thousands of specialist professional readers per week, Purchasing Insight has become recognized as the leading on-line resources for all matters relating to purchase to pay including e-invoicing, supply chain finance, AP automation and e-procurement. About Pete Loughlin Pete Loughlin is the founder and managing editor of Purchasing Insight. Pete has been a Purchase to Pay practitioner for nearly 20 years and has played central roles in the development and implementation of purchase to pay strategies in a wide variety of organisations and industry sectors including high tech, financial services, telecommunications and public sector. Pete has spent most of his career living and working in the United Kingdom but has worked in many countries in Europe as well as the USA. Purchasing Insight Extras Purchasing Insight Extras is a regular email newsletter sent to Purchasing Insight subscribers high-lighting the most popular current content from purchasinginsight.com. Purchasing Insight subscribers are a highly specialist set of professionals with a focused interest in purchase to pay related matters. Enquiries relating to sponsorship should be directed to marketing@purchasinginsight.com Subscribers Purchasing Insight has over 7,000 qualified subscribers who receive Purchasing Insight Extras on a regular basis. Purchasing Insight has a non-intrusive approach to subscribe data collection collecting only the minimum amount of data on subscribers however, our interaction with our subscriber informs us that thy are generally at a program management and senior management level of large organizations, including solution providers, with specific interest or responsibility in purchasing, purchase to pay, accounts payable, AP automation and supply chain finance
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