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Founded in 2005, Qatar Living is the first social network in Qatar. People world-wide come here first to decide if Qatar is the right place for them. QatarLiving.com is indespensable in the livesof Qatari’s and those looking to move to Qatar. It is the ultimate Qatari one-stop information portal and makes the lives of everyone in Qatar a lot easier.

Qatar Living is the ultimate knowledge gateway to Qatar. We want people want to connect, participate and share. Hence, most of the content on QatarLiving.com comes from the on-line community itself! Our aim is to build an online community that serves all people who are living in Qatar or interested in Qatar.

Participation is at the heart of our web site. We believe that collectively our members have more knowledge about life in Qatar than any one person or guidebook. We want to provide a platform for them to share their knowledge and experiences and help newcomers adapt easily to life in Qatar.

Our community caters for professionals (engineers, teachers, IT, finance) who are considering relocating to Qatar as well as current residents who use the site to share hints/tips and provide advice to newcomers.

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    Qatar Living is an online community of people living in, interested in and/or doing business in Qatar. Qatar Living plays a crucial role in the lives of thousands of expatriates in Qatar. It has grown from a website that was used to share tips about living in Qatar to a one-stop information portal on everything related to Qatar. The explosive growth of Qatar Living has largerly tracked the growth of the State of Qatar. With nearly 800,000 registered members and over 26,000,000 page views being served each month, we can help you reach the audience you want to reach. Launched in October 2005, Qatar Living has grown into the biggest and most well respected online brand in Qatar. Thousands of expatriates from across the world turn to Qatar Living to research moving to Qatar and to plan their arrival and setup. We can help you reach these potential customers and expose them to your brand before they even land in Qatar. Premium Advertisers Qatar Living is interested in working with premium brands and partners whose products appeal to our community. Current advertisers include the International Bank of Qatar (IBQ), Ooredoo Qatar, Qatar Airways, Pepsi etc. Larger Campaigns If you are an advertising agency, marketing firm or are interested in running a large advertising campaign or sponsorship on Qatar Living based on CPM rates, we'd love to hear from you. Click here to drop us a note. Be sure to include the below information when you contact us for larger campaigns: - the company, brand or product you wish to advertise - the duration of your campaign - if this is a direct buy or if you represent an agency
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