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R744.com™ is an interactive B2B platform to cover "Everything R744" in Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC), Refrigeration, Heat Pumps, and other applications.

The website keeps you abreast of all developments on the natural refrigerant R744 (CO2) in a user-friendly way.

Since its launch, over 60 companies and research institutes have joined R744.com as Partners (as of September 2011). Pioneers in CO2 technology, they are actively involved in the development of this collaborative platform. More partners are welcome to join!

Over the years, R744.com has furthermore build an active online community with over 6,000 members that exchange information, look for business opportunities and engage in lively discussions.

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    Today, the Internet is the first source of reference for finding products and solutions. R744.com has become an established source of information for CO2 refrigeration technologies and is consulted daily by decision makers in policy and industry, as well as retailers and end-users around the world in search of latest innovations and market trends. Technical experts visit R744.com to look for detailed information on CO2 products and systems, and researchers and companies come to find new business partners and opportunities. All this is offered through the unique combination of NEWS - PRODUCTS - COMMUNITY. Visibility and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) R744.com is well placed in search engine rankings and can help your company appear in the top search results for relevant search terms. This allows your company to place itself as a leader in the CO2 technology market online and increase your sales opportunities. Concretely, R744.com can help you: • raise your global brand visibility amongst a targeted audience • stand out with your CO2 products and/or engineering services • benefit from our e-marketing expertise through e-newsletters • be listed on top of Internet searches for relevant keywords R744.com ranks among the first 5 search results in Google for main keywords related to CO2 technology, i.e.CO2 refrigeration • R744 / R-744 • CO2 heat pumps • etc. ** As per recent studies on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), 95% of clicks in search engines come from the first page of search results making R744.com's positioning very effective. Only a mere 5% of internet users carrying out searches on Google, Yahoo or Bing, click through to the second page of results
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