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    Welcome to Radical Possibility! I'm glad your endless hours on the internet have led you to this little corner of it. I'm Zandi, a 27 year old living in Chicago (Logan Square, specifically) with my Boston Terrier, Lucille Austero, who is very sweet, but very dumb. I started this blog in 2012, as my boyfriend at the time and I moved into our first place together. It was my first place that wasn't just a party crash pad, and it was three times the size of my last apartment, so I was all wide-eyed about falling in love, getting a blank canvas, feeling like a grown up. The world was my cheap, rented, oyster. I was determined to finally have a place that moved beyond tacked-up tapestries and unframed posters. I wanted real furniture, alive plants, and other things that at some point I perceived as ways that people have their life together. Over the past year, the apartment has gone through ups and downs, good design choices and bad. We went from a living room full of mismatched furniture and an ill-advised gallery wall to slowly pulling the room together, and eventually landing it on Apartment Therapy. It then transitioned to a space all of my own, and deciding what I wanted that to mean. I do not have a green thumb, I have no knack for home repairs or complicated projects, but I really like to DO things. There are a lot of blogs out there run by rich people, run by full-time bloggers, run by handymen and graphic designers and interior decorators. And they are all awesome. But more people need to embrace being kind of broke and bad at stuff but still wanting a beautiful home or a creative outlet. Having teeny budgets, no strong skills and a shitty apartment doesn't mean that you can't have a home. Sometimes, you're just a 20-something with an unglamourous job who doesn't know how to use Photoshop or work a power tool, but that does not mean you're forever doomed to live with blank white walls and boring furnishings. My daily life involves drinking a lot of diet coke, singing songs to Lucille, and me begging friends to borrow their cars to drive to some weird suburb to buy a piece of Craigslist furniture that I sweaarrr is worth it. When not doing that, I'm watching that R. Kelly / sloth mashup on YouTube and lying about what I'm watching on Netflix. On this blog you'll find a lot of rental-friendly home options, crafts you can do in an afternoon, a few beauty tutorials, a few personal stories and anecdotes, and hopefully a little inspiration to get creative, even if you feel like its not really your strong suit.
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