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Publisher: Raggedy Scrappin ~ Whimsical Graphics and Printables by Artist Cheryl Seslar!
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    Publisher: Raggedy Scrappin ~ Whimsical Graphics and Printables by Artist Cheryl Seslar!
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    Our Company was born from the love of drawing. As a child I would draw on anything I could. I passed the time watching my Mother watercolor mice and mushrooms to create beautiful greeting cards, and decided then, an artist, is what I wanted to be. I traveled many artistic roads to get here…. Along the way I found clay, wood, paint and much more. I wrote 4 decorative painting books and still didn’t feel like I had found the niche I was looking for. Until one day, I picked up a mouse. Not the furry little squirmy kind, but the sleek, one wheeled little black mouse that was amazement to me. With no pen or paper I began to create whimsical little people, creatures and lands, and tuck them away to live in the safety of my computer. I began to share them with others and realized that these little people that called my computer home were loved by many. And that is how Raggedy Scrappin was born. Now my little people live with many of the wonderful friends I have met along my journey. They live and play in their computers and make them smile when they come out to visit. My name is Cheryl Seslar, and I am the artist here at Raggedy Scrappin. I have 3 wonderful children, Bailey, Noah and Princess Cloey who bring wonderful color to an ordinary day. They make me smile and are the inspiration to so much of my art. We are pleased to bring you a growing line of digital art, rubber stamps and scrapbooking, and crafting products and hope you continue to grow with us, because we have big plans for the future!
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