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    Our Story IMG_0267 I met my husband Corey after being a single mother for five years on my own. We met online through a dating website, and well not to sound too cliche — we immediately fell in love. We got engaged 2 weeks after we met, and tied the knot officially 10 months later during a beautiful Christmas ceremony surrounded by friends and family in 2004. Corey is truly my best friend. He really is — and he’s a brain injury survivor. He sustained a motorcycle accident when he was 18, rendering his memory incomplete. He lost the first 22 years of his life, all his of his childhood, things he did, places he went, things he learned JUST GONE! Each night he goes to sleep, Corey wakes up the next day with a clean slate, not remembering the events from the day before. love and marriage I started Rants n’ Rascals in 2010 as way to bring awareness and connect with others on being a caregiver to a husband with disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and write about the things I love. Being a caregiver has its ups and downs. Parenting with a brain injury is never easy, and it provided a look into life I’ve never seen before. In 2006 Our World Changed We gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Trace (aka Monkey) but Trace wasn’t (normal) per say, or at least in the traditional sense. He wasn’t thriving. He wasn’t growing. He couldn’t communicate with us. We immediately uprooted our family and moved to the Fraser Valley to be closer to children’s hospital. When Trace was 15 months old he was diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy, which is a brain injury caused from birth. I honestly thought God must be joking. Two people I love with brain injuries? What? He thought I needed more on my plate. Living with Corey was no piece of cake. Trace was just over two when he started walking. In five years he’d gone through physio, occupational, speech and cognitive therapies to help him grow and learn. MIX TAPE PRINT In 2012 Trace was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, Early onset Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and ADHD. Being a special needs mom has been very challenging for me, and if it wasn’t for Rants n’ Rascals, sharing my thoughts and feelings on parenting and the ups and downs of our family. I think I would have gone stir crazy a long time ago. My family is unique and so is this blog. Some days I will cry and share the difficulties I am having in being a blended family, a special needs mom, a caregiver, and raising boys. Other days I will shout from the rooftops my happiness in everything I adore about my family. We are a mixed bag of nuts, sharing the good and bad and ugly, and so grateful you can come along with us for the ride!
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